Thursday, September 09, 2010

Best Wishes And Greetings From Ravuth

Dear Father And Board Directors Of CWF-Kep

Mr. Pen Ravuth family
Kingdom Of Cambodia

Best Wishes And Greetings From My Family ,
For Dr. Daniel Susott ‘s Birthday Ceremony -2010

I would like to extend my warmest wishes and honorable greeting to Dr. Daniel Susott and I
am pleased to send smile, honest and with loves with my family ‘s picture to Father and
Blessing : Great Power , Ingenuity ,Fabulous Heath and the shadowing to us and the people
in the world for creating new knowledge of human .
My family would like to pray the angels who reign the New Year of 2010 and the powerful
deities of the world to protect Father during all of your missions in the present and in the

May you be blessed with Good Health, Success in everything you do, along life.

Greeting From Ravuth



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