Thursday, February 19, 2009

Judge Tomar Mason and Kathryn Susott

Judge Tomar Mason and Kathryn Susott, MD, in their last visit in Carmel

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At 5:59 PM , Blogger dbaxter said...

I had the opportunity to defend myself in front of Judge Tomar today and I must say, this woman has no right to be a judge. She spent most of the hearing playing with her stress ball, checking her email, and talking to the court clerk. It was quite a disgrace. I would love to know what exactly was the evidence that sealed the deal for her. The plaintiff and their witnesses were so obviously lying and every piece of paper, from the Police Incident Report to the TRO to the final answers ALL contradicted each other. And a 3 year restraining order? For what exactly? I'm looking forward to the appeal. And to be frank, her judgement was actually a gift in disguise, and only strengthens my anti-slapp suit as well as my damages for violation of civil libs. Todays case will also be reenacted in my doc film. I will also be very active during her re-election campaign against her, because as I stated, she has no business sitting on the bench.


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